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SISO Seminar on M&S Standards at ITEC - See Event Preview
Free International Modeling and Simulation Seminar in Europe at ITEC 2014

Paris, France, March 31, 2014 – The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) will be conducting its third Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Seminar in conjunction with the ITEC 2014 Exhibition and Conference.

ITEC 2014 takes place 20-22 May 2014 in Cologne Messe, Germany.  ITEC is the premier European event for military, industry, and academia to see the latest innovations from the international defense, training, simulation, and education sectors, to connect with professionals from around the world, and to share knowledge.  Additional information about ITEC 2014 may be found at

The SISO-sponsored International M&S Seminar will be held on Monday, 19 May 2014, one day before ITEC officially opens.  It is a full-day seminar introducing successful uses of SISO’s M&S standards, guidance, and reference products.  Participants will engage in discussions and hear plans for the evolution of the High Level Architecture (HLA) and the Real‐Time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM), both important international standards for distributed simulations.

The M&S Seminar is a free event made possible by ITEC, the European Training and Simulation Association (ETSA -, the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA -, the NATO M&S Group (, and Antycip Simulation (  SISO members participating in the seminar also will receive a 10% discount off the ITEC conference fees.  To learn more about SISO or to become a member, visit

For more information or to register for the free International M&S Seminar go to

SISO Seminar Registration.

About SISO

SISO serves the global community of M&S professionals providing an open forum for the collegial exchange of ideas, the examination and advancement of M&S-related practices and technologies, and the development and management of standards and other products that enable greater M&S capability, interoperability, credibility, reuse, and cost-effectiveness.  As a recognized International Standards Development Organization, SISO members transform ideas, proven practices, and innovative technologies into products that can be used and reused by M&S professionals.

SISO provides standards, guidance, and reference products on its website for downloading at no charge.  Please visit for more information.


         Mark McCall

         SISO Executive Director


         SISO European Coordinating Members

         Wim Huiskamp (

         Lionel Khimeche (

         Jean-Louis Igarza (

         Stefan Sandberg (

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The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Standards Activity Committee (SAC) announces the establishment of the 3D Training Simulations (3DTS) Best Practices Guide and Toolkit Study Group (SG) and invites all interested SISO Community members to join.

3DTS – also known as 3D Serious Games – are emerging as a leading interactive distance-learning technology.  In a 3DTS, learners are confronted with a 3D virtual simulation of real life situations where they asked to perform tasks, resolve issues, and act in emergency situations. 3DTS can be stand-alone applications, online environments, both single and multi-user.  Large teams can perform 3DTS as a class or as individuals playing with Artificial Intelligence agents.

The 3DTS SG will explore the requirements for a 3DTS Best Practices Guide and Toolkit.  The guide will define a set of suggested practices for efficient project management of 3DTS; address complex 3DTS projects; offer use cases to test, implement and validate the practices; and provide guidance for managers implementing 3DTS projects in their organizations.  The guide will be developed as a toolkit, ready to use for managers to efficiently manage their 3DTS projects.

For more information about the 3DTS SG:

Visit the 3DTS SG webpage

Subscribe to the SIW-SG-3DTS discussion forum

Review the 3DTS SG Terms of Reference

To join the 3DTS SG or for more information, contact the SG Leader:

G. B. Mattia Crespi
Qbit Technologies LLC

For questions about SISO or SISO’s process, contact SAC Chair:

Jeff Abbott

SAC Vice-Chair/Secretary:

Marcy Stutzman


Announcing...Submit an Abstract for 2014 Fall SIW Announcing...Submit an Abstract for 2014 Fall SIW

2014 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop

sponsored by the

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)

Florida Mall Conference Center

Orlando, FL

8-12 September 2014


Fall 2014 SIW Schedule

Call for Papers Issued

1 Feb 2014

Abstracts Due Electronically

14 Mar 2014

Abstract Accept/Reject Notifications

4 Apr 2014

Papers Due Electronically

30 May 2014

Paper Accept/Reject Notifications

23 Jun 2014

Final Paper Revisions Due

31 Jul 2014

Workshop/Hotel Early Registration Date

20 Aug 2014

Powerpoint Presentations Due

22 Aug 2014

SIW Opens

8 Sep 2014

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