Mode 5/S IFF SG - Mode 5/Select Identification Friend or Foe

The Mode 5/S IFF Study Group (SG) is established to support the DoD/Joint service/NATO simulation community effort to develop the necessary changes to allow live, virtual and constructive simulations incorporate Mode 5 IFF and Mode S (Select) IFF that is currently in use in Europe. The key protocols to review will be DIS, HLA, existing Live Range IFF protocols and TENA as these are the most widely used ones when exchanging exercise truth data. The HLA review includes a review of the RPR FOM and selected other FOMs and SOMs that include IFF information.

So far a change to the draft IEEE 1278.1-200X DIS standard has been approved for inclusion of Mode 5 and Mode S data as part of the IFF PDU.

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