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The Product Support Group supports the Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) information model which provides neutral structures for the efficient exchange of manufacturing data in a simulation environment. The neutral structures can be used to support the integration of simulation software with other manufacturing applications. CMSD information model is presented using two different methods: (1) the information model defined using the Unified Modeling Language (UML); and (2) the information model defined using a schema language for XML representation.  The information model defined using UML is published as SISO-STD-008-2010.  The information model defined using XML is published as SISO-STD-008-01-2012. SISO-STD-008-2010 and SISO-STD-008-01-2012 are intended to be used together. 

This standard effort will promote the increased, widespread, and pervasive use of advanced manufacturing technologies, in particular, the simulation technology in the manufacturing industries. The effort will benefit not only the manufacturing industry worldwide, but more specifically it will benefit the Modeling and Simulation community in the near term.

A family of products is being developed by the CMSD Product Development Group (PDG).  The PSG will operate as a focused task-organized group concentrating on the support of all approved CMSD products.  The PSG provides that support in accordance with SISO-ADM-002 and SISO-ADM-003 (including future updates to those and other administrative products).

The PSG serves as the central point for interpretations of product language, providing help desk support, and accepting, developing, and maintaining problem/change reports to support future product revisions.

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Tina Lee  

Vice Chair:

Dr. Young-Jun Son
The University of Arizona


Dr. Young-Jun Son
The University of Arizona

Technical Area Director (TAD):

Jean-Louis Igarza
Antycip Simulation