DIS PSG - Distributed Interactive Simulation

The Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Product Support Group (PSG) is a permanent support group chartered by the SISO SAC to support DIS products such as the IEEE 1278 series of standards. 

The DIS PSG supports the distributed simulation community by acting as a forum and library for DIS-related information; providing technical support to users and developers by answering questions; providing contact information for experts in different areas; and maintaining a library of distributed simulation documentation.  The DIS PSG is also the place where Problem/Change Requests (PCRs) can be initially submitted or commented on for changing the 1278 series of IEEE DIS Standards and where the individual PCRs and PCR Status Reports are maintained for download.

The DIS PSG publishes, maintains, and updates a series of reference documents related to DIS that are helpful to users and developers. These documents consist of the following:

  • SISO-REF-010: Enumerations for Simulation Interoperability 
  • SISO-REF-020: DIS Plain and Simple (in work) 
  • SISO-REF-030: DIS Extensions (proposed)

The DIS PSG closely coordinates with the DIS PDG (when the DIS PDG is active and producing a new version of a 1278 series standard), the DIS Enumeration discussions, and others to ensure that the entire distributed simulation community is kept appraised of DIS developments.  Not all DIS users are members of all three groups (DIS PDG, DIS ENUM and the DIS PSG) so cross-coordination is essential.

The DIS Community has been asked by the IEEE SA Technology Initiative Directive to consider the requirements for Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality within the context of DIS use cases.  Members interested in this concept may review IEEE information at:


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Mark McCall
Sawdey Solution Services, Inc.

Vice Chair:

Bob Murray
The Boeing Company


Pat Merlet
Parsons Corporation

Technical Area Director (TAD):

Marcy Stutzman
Northrop Grumman Corp