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Standards Development Activity Newsletter April 2016 Standards Development Activity Newsletter April 2016
Download the latest edition of the Standards Development Activity Newsletter. The newsletter is a Standards Activity Committee initiative to keep SISO sponsors and members informed about standardization activities, Standards in the news, and other related events. 

NATO STO Annual Report 2015 NATO STO Annual Report 2015
Read the NATO Science and Technology Organization Annual Report 2015, "Enabling Defence Innovation through International S&T Collaboration" that highlights the partnership between SISO and the NATO STO Modelling and Simulation Group.


$2,500 Top Prize $2,500 Top Prize
Paper Competition Announced for U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day 2016. Authors may choose to address the 2016 World Standards Day theme, “Standards Build Trust” or another topic of their choosing. Read More ...

SISO M&S Seminar at ITEC 2016 SISO M&S Seminar at ITEC 2016
Going to ITEC 2016 in London?  Be sure to register for the SISO M&S Seminar being held on Monday, 16 May 2016.  Review the agenda and presentation abstracts before you go! 

SISO Sharpens Focus: SISO Sharpens Focus:
SISO announces a new focus for SIW, its annual technical gathering of modeling and simulation experts and practitioners. SIW, formerly "Simulation Interoperability Workshop," will now be called "Simulation Innovation Workshop."  Read More ...

Welcome to New Sponsor - Trideum Corporation Welcome to New Sponsor - Trideum Corporation
SISO established a sponsorship program to augment the sponsorship of the U.S. Government with contributions from the modeling and simulation industry. Industry contributions are vital to maintaining the infrastructure necessary for SISO’s Standards Development Activities to continue.  We are pleased to announce that Trideum Corporation has become SISO's newest Sponsor.  Read More ...

New Product Support Group New Product Support Group
The Standards Activity Committee announces the new Distributed Interactive Simulation / Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model Product Support Group (DIS / RPR FOM PSG). The PSG supports multiple DIS-related products including SISO-sponsored IEEE Std 1278.1TM-2012 and IEEE Std 1278.2TM-2015; as well as SISO-STD-001-2015 and SISO-STD-001.1-2015. Visit the PSG webpage to join and participate in working toward adding future new capabilities to these standards! 

SAC Special Working Groups SAC Special Working Groups
The SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC) announces the formation of three new SAC Special Working Groups (SWGs) and invites SISO members to participate: Visit the SISO Standards Activity Committee webpage to learn more about these groups. 

Join the new HLA Product Development Group Join the new HLA Product Development Group
The SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC) invites you to join the new High Level Architecture Product Development Group.  It’s easy to do — first log in to the SISO website, go to PDG webpage and complete the affiliation data form;  and then log in and subscribe to SAC-PDG-HLA

The SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC) announces the formation of a new Study Group. The Exploration of Next Generation Technology Applications to Modeling and Simulation (ENGTAM SG) will capture and decompose common M&S program goals such as “point of need”, explore commercial technical solutions that could support the M&S program goals and identify areas where further technical analysis could be most beneficial. Visit the ENGTAM SG webpage to learn more. 

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Upcoming News/Events
84th MORS Symposium
20-23 June 2016
Quantico, VA
 Read More ...

SummerSim 2016
2016 Summer Simulation Multi-Conference
24-27 Jul 2016
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Read More... 

2016 SIW
Simulation Innovation Workshop
Orlando, FL
11-16 Sep 2016
 Read More ...

NATO CAX Forum 2016
20-23 Sep 2016
Fürstenfeldbruck, GE
 Read More ...

20th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications
21-23 Sep 2016
London, UK
Read More... 

World Standards Week 2016
24-28 October 2014
Washington, DC
 Read More ...

I/ITSEC 2016
28 Nov - 2 Dec 2016
Orlando, FL
Read More... 

WSC' 16
11-14 Dec 2016
Washington, DC
 Read More ...

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In 2003 the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board approved SISO SAC as the Computer/Simulation Interoperability (C/SI) Standards Committee. In 2015 the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board
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