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Latest News
New SISO-STD-002-2021 Released New SISO-STD-002-2021 Released

SISO-STD-002-2021: Standard for Link 16 Simulation updates the standard for Link 16 message exchange and Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) network simulation in the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) interoperability frameworks. A normative Link 16 FOM module and an informative archive containing the Link 16 FOM module integrated into the original RPR FOM 2.0 in modular (HLA Evolved) format are also available.


Publication of A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling and Simulation in Support of Acquisition Activities Publication of A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling and Simulation in Support of Acquisition Activities

SISO is pleased to announce the publication of two new standards products:  SISO-GUIDE-005-2021 - Guide for A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling and Simulation in Support of Acquisition Activities, and SISO-REF-066-2021 - Reference for A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling and Simulation in Support of Acquisition Activities. 


C2SIM Standards Released C2SIM Standards Released

SISO-STD-019-2020:  Standard for Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation has been released, along with a Guidance Document and the Standard for the Land Operations Extension (LOX) to C2SIM.  See Approved Standards and Guidance Products to view and download. 


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