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New Guidance Document SISO-GUIDE-007-2018 New Guidance Document SISO-GUIDE-007-2018

On September 2018, the SISO Executive Committee (EXCOM) has approved the SISO-GUIDE-007-2018 Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes (RIEDP) Data Model Foundations.

RIEDP promotes reusability of environmental database generation efforts and fosters interoperability between simulation systems through a standardized understanding of both their environmental data products and generation processes.  The PDG is producing two complementary products:

  • The RIEDP Data Model Foundations, a SISO Guidance Product, which is now approved and available;
  • The RIEDP Detailed Features Description, a SISO Standards Product, which is under development.

New Guidance Document: SISO-GUIDE-006-2018 New Guidance Document: SISO-GUIDE-006-2018

On May 2018, the SISO Executive Committee (EXCOM) has approved the SISO-GUIDE-006-2018 “Guideline on Scenario Development for Simulation Environments” (GSD).

Regardless of the application domain – e.g., training, analysis or decision support – scenarios are used to describe situations and conditions to be represented in a simulation environment for the intended purpose of a simulation application. This guidance document has been developed in close cooperation of SISO and the NATO Modelling & Simulation Group (NMSG).

This new guidance document is in line with previous SISO efforts on methodology since it was developed in consistency with the IEEE 1730 DSEEP and other supporting SISO documents.


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