SISO Organization
SISO's organizational structure, policies, and procedures are detailed in Administrative Document SISO-ADM-002-2011, SISO Policies & Procedures. Very briefly, SISO's structure includes
  • The Executive Committee (EXCOM), the policy body that provides overall governance and strategic planning.
  • The Conference Committee (CC), which organizes the Simulation Innovation Workshops and oversees several Conference Forums in which information and new ideas are exchanged within and across various components of the M&S community.
  • The Standards Activity Committee (SAC), which oversees the development and support of products to support interoperability and reuse in the M&S community. The SAC manages the Product Development Groups (PDGs) and Product Support Groups (PSGs), which focus on the development and support of consensus-based standards and related products.
  • Board of Directors (BOD), which is responsible for financial oversight of SISO and for SISO's contractual relationships with other organizations.
Committees & Officers
 Executive Committee (EXCOM) Members
Chair Lutz, Robert (Feb 2022)   
Vice Chair Konwin, Kenneth (Feb 2024)  
Secretary McCall, Mark (Feb 2023+)  

Abbott, Jeff (Feb 2023)
Curry, Damon
Gustavson, Paul (Feb 2022+)
Lessmann, Kurt (A)
McGlynn, Lana (Feb 2024)
Metevier, Christopher (Feb 2023+)
Morse, Dr. Katherine (Feb 2024+)
O'Connor, Michael
Siegfried, Robert (Feb 2022)

CC Chair

SAC Chair 

EXCOM Liaisons Schleh, George (X) DoD M&SCO
Huiskamp, Wim (X)  NATO MSG

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 Conference Committee (CC) Members
Chair Curry, Damon (Feb 2022+)  
Vice Chair Le Leydour, Patrice (Feb 2023+)  
Secretary Currently Vacant  

Blais, Dr. Curtis
Drake, David (Feb 2022)
Holland, Dr. Thomas (Feb 2023+)
Khimeche, Lionel (Feb 2023+)
Loze, Sebastien (Feb 2022+)
Sanders, Dr. Chuck (Feb 2023+)
Stoudenmire, Austin (Feb 2023+)
Swenson, Steve (Feb 2022)


SAC Vice Chair


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 Standards Activity Committee (SAC) Members
Chair O'Connor, Michael (A)   
Vice Chair Blais, Dr. Curtis (Feb 2023+)  
Secretary Ruben, Katherine (Feb 2023)  

Bailey, Grant (Feb 2022+)
Gravitz, Peggy (Feb 2022+)
Hughes, John (Feb 2023+)
Le Leydour, Patrice 
Oates, William (A)
Skinner, SImon (Feb 2023+)
Smithson, Clyde (Feb 2023+)
Snively, Keith (A)
Wells, Dr. Fuzzy (Feb 2023+)
Woodman, Michael (Feb 2023+)

CC Vice Chair


SAC Liaisons Bailey, Grant (X) NATO MSG  
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Conference Planning and Review Panels
View the Conference Planning and Review Panels, the Tracks & Forums they support, and the Leadership for each. 
SISO, Inc. Board of Directors 
Chairman Drake, David  
President Graham, David  
Vice President Curry, Damon  
Secretary Morse, Kahtherine  
Treasurer Gustavson, Paul  
Member At-Large Lutz, Robert  
Member At-Large O'Connor, Michael  
Assistant Treasurer Rowe, Patrick (*)            
Executive Director Rowe, Patrick (*)  

(A) = Appointed Committee Member
(X) = Ex-officio Member of Committee (Term expires each fall)
(*) = SISO employee invited to participate in BOD discussions

Did You Know?

The next time you attend a SISO Workshop, take a look around. Each committee member will be wearing a different color ribbon.

Red Executive
Orange Conference
Green Forum Planning and
Review Panel
Blue Standards Activity Committee

So please, introduce yourself. We would love to meet you!