SISO Elections

The Self-Nomination period for the 2022 SISO Election is closed.  SISO Members will receive voting instructions via e-mail.

If you have any questions about the Election, please contact Patrick Rowe at

During each election cycle, there are 3 openings on the Executive Committee (EXCOM), 5 openings on the Conference Committee (CC) and 5 openings on the Standards Activity Committee (SAC). In addition, as approved by the Conference Committee, there are 21 elected positions available for three Planning and Review Panels to manage 3 Conference Tracks.  

Committee and PRP terms will officially commence on March 1, 2023.  However, newly elected members will be invited to start attending the appropriate committee meetings after the election results are announced in early January.

The dedication of SISO's Committee and PRP members is pivotal to SISO's success. As a volunteer organization, we rely on the service of our members to enable us to effectively execute our mission.  We encourage all members to play an active role in the organization, to include serving in leadership roles.  If you are interested in the work of SISO, please consider self-nominating for a position on one of the committees or PRPs.

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Available Positions
Executive Committee (EXCOM)
  • EXCOM Members are elected to 3 year terms.
  • The primary responsibility of the EXCOM is to provide overall governance, strategic planning, policy, and oversight of policy implementation and general processes within SISO.
  • Job Details and Qualifications
Conference Committee
  • CC Members are elected to 2 year terms.
  • The primary responsibility of the CC are to organize and manage the annual workshops and to promote the standardization of interoperable simulations across the M&S community.
  • Job Details and Qualifications
Standards Activity Committee (SAC)
  • SAC Members are elected to 2 year terms.
  • The primary responsibility of the SAC is to provide overall management of the SISO product development process.
  • Job Details and Qualifications

Planning and Review Panels (PRPs)
  • All PRP positions are a 1 year term.
  • The primary responsibility of PRP members is to coordinate the overall planning for a Track, including soliciting, reviewing, and hosting papers and presentations.
  • Job Details and Qualifications
System Lifecycle and Technologies encompasses information that provides guidance on the selection and use of M&S standards and practices to support the system lifecycle. 
Services, Processes, Tools, and Data includes technologies, frameworks, and methodologies that provide service or support for modeling and simulation. 
M&S Specialty Topics includes simulation technologies for a specific purpose such as system/vehicle or weapon product development, space, human behavior, or command and control systems. 

2022 Election Schedule
Self-Nominations: 4 Nov - 13 Dec
Voting Period: 10 Jan - 27 Jan
Results Announced: Late January
Officer Elections
(SAC, CC & PRPs):
EXCOM Officer
Election Committee

The 2022 Election Committee

Kenneth "Crash" Konwin

Lana McGlynn

Michael O'Connor

Patrick Rowe (Election Manager)

Election Committee Responsibilities - (3 - 7 Members, Not Running for any Office)

  • Oversee the overall integrity of the election process
  • Screen nominations before they are publicly posted
  • Monitor and try to assure that there are adequate nominations for open positions
  • Publish lists of candidates and notices to the voting population (much of this is automated)
  • Audit the results of voting and listing of the winners for review by the EXCOM
  • Resolve questions and issues as they arise during the election

For questions or comments,
please contact the SISO Election Manager