General Qualifications
  • Professionals able to operate at the corporate level.
  • Significant experience in the M&S community
  • Experience in policy implementation and general organizational management.
  • Experience with conference activities
CC Job Description

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) comprises three principal interacting entities: the Executive Committee (EXCOM), the Conference Committee (CC) and the Standards Activity Committee (SAC). The Conference Committee and the Standards Activity Committee are under the direction of the EXCOM, which serves as the board of directors.

The Conference Committee oversees all conference activities which provide a mechanism for the exchange of information and new ideas within and among various Modeling and Simulation (M&S) communities. The conference activities include oversight of Planning and Review Panels, planning and helping to manage the Simulation Interoperability Workshop(s) and planning other technical meetings held in conjunction with other conferences, e.g. ITEC.  The Conference Committee, with the PRPs, also identify needs and candidates for standardization. The Conference Committee supports broad-based M&S community education and conducts continuing assessments of emerging technology. 

Personal Commitment

The nominee must affirm a willingness to serve and an availability for the appropriate level of time, effort and costs in order to serve. The commitment is anticipated to be approximately:

10% average between workshops (including time for teleconferences and emails but not including time for traveling as described next). The time will be clustered around the generation of the call for papers, paper selection and workshop wrap-up.
- One workshop 
- Possibly one or two Conference Committee meetings per year outside the workshops.
Monthly teleconferences 1 to 2 hours long between workshops
Interacting using email 4 hours a week
  Professional Support
- Email and WEB access

Duties of Conference Committee Members

The Conference Committee of SISO is the workshop management body of the organization. Its major areas of responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and managing the Simulation Interoperability Workshops and other conference activities.
  • Promoting the standardization of interoperable simulations across the M&S community.
  • Supporting the Standards Activity Committee in the development of beneficial standards, practices, and guides for various elements of the M&S community.
  • Identifying new and improved methods for supporting simulation interoperability and promulgating them throughout SISO.
  • Conducting educational activities regarding simulation interoperability and reuse across the broad-based M&S community.

The Conference Committee shall manage the Simulation Interoperability Workshops and related conference activities. The Conference Committee shall be responsible for planning the Workshop program; inviting speakers, implementers, and product vendors; approving demonstrations and vendor booths; developing a SISO Education program; creating a catalog of subject matter experts for use by the Standards Activity Committee and the EXCOM; and issuing a Call for Papers based on the current SISO Vision Document and unresolved Issue Statements. The Conference Committee is responsible for the overall planning, preparation, publicity, paper selection, registration, scheduling, presentation, and follow up process for each workshop.

The Conference Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing Track activities during and between workshops, and for determining which Tracks will be continued for each subsequent workshop. The Conference Committee allocates meeting rooms and time blocks to Tracks. The Conference Committee will establish a tentative schedule as part of its initial plan for each workshop, then adjust this schedule as necessary after the final papers and presentations have been submitted.

The Conference Committee may provide input to the Standards Activity Committee regarding Issue Statements, selection of appropriate individuals from constituent communities to serve on PDGs as drafters and assigned reviewers, and presentation of reports from the PDGs to relevant Forums to solicit feedback as Standards are developed. Each Conference Committee member oversees one or more Tracks or other Conference activities, as determined by the CC.

The Conference Committee is responsible, with the EXCOM and SAC for planning and budgeting all workshops to generate revenue. The Conference Committee, working with the SISO Executive Director and the other committees shall develop budget estimates based on venue, assumptions and fee structure, and shall manage the implementation of the workshop or program within the budget. 

The members of the Conference Committee shall elect from among their number a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary. The Conference Committee Chair serves ex-officio on the EXCOM. The Vice Chair serves as an ex-officio member of the Standards Activity Committee for the coordination and monitoring of Issue Statements (ISs).