General Qualifications
  • Professionals able to operate at the corporate level.
  • Significant experience in the M&S community
  • Experience in policy implementation and general organizational management.
  • Experience with standards activities
Duties of EXCOM

The EXCOM is the governing, policy level body of SISO. It has the following major areas of responsibility:

  • Provides overall governance, strategic planning, policy, and oversight of policy implementation and general processes within SISO.
  • Ensures that SISO adheres to the general Operating Principles.
  • Ensures the professionalism of the Standards Development activities of SISO, and compliance with the formal standards processes.
  • Ensures the relevance and usefulness of the meeting events of SISO, especially of the annual workshops.
  • Ensures the sound management of SISO.
Personal Commitment

The nominee must affirm a willingness to serve and an availability for the appropriate level of time, effort and costs in order to serve. The commitment is anticipated to be approximately:

15% (including time for travel, monthly conferences and emailing as mentioned next)
  Travel Costs
- One workshop
- Up to four quarterly board meetings per year, one to be held at the workshop, and the others at various times, as required.
- Visits to sponsors as required.
A monthly two-hour teleconference
Interacting using email 4 hours a week
  Professional Support
- Email and WEB access