General Qualifications
  • Significant technical experience in the M&S community
  • Significant technical experience in the Forum area
  • Experience in general organizational management
  • Experience with conference activities
Forum Planning and Review Panel (PRP) Job Description

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) comprises three principal interacting entities: the Executive Committee (EXCOM), the Conference Committee (CC) and the Standards Activity Committee(SAC). The Conference Committee oversees a number of Conference Forums (CFs) which provide an opportunity for members of the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) community who share common interests in the use of M&S and/or are involved in similar functions in various organizations to exchange ideas, information, and technology, to share "lessons learned," and to identify areas where common standards and practices will improve simulation interoperability and reuse. The Conference Forums meet periodically in a conventional conference format.

Each Conference Forum is organized and administered by a Conference Forum Planning and Review Panel (PRP) which is responsible for planning the activities of their Forum and for reviewing proposed papers and other presentations.

Personal Commitment

The nominee must affirm a willingness to serve and an availability for the appropriate level of time, effort and costs in order to serve. The commitment is anticipated to be approximately:

40 to 80 hours average between workshops (including time for teleconferences and emails, but not including time for travel as mentioned next). The time will be clustered around the generation of the call for papers, paper selection, agenda preparation and workshop wrap-up.
  Travel Costs
- One workshop 
- Some interim meetings may be required based on Forum needs


Some teleconferences may be required to resolve specific issues
Interacting using email
  Professional Support
- Email and WEB access
- Fax access
Responsibilities of the Forum Planning and Review Panel (PRP)

Each Forum PRP is collectively responsible for the development of a coherent plan for Forum activities at each Workshop, and for actively soliciting papers, presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions, and other appropriate activities in support of the Forum's purposes and objectives. These plans shall be submitted to the CC for approval before a Call for Papers is issued. This will normally occur within a month of the end of the preceding Workshop, i.e., approximately five months in advance of the Workshop to which they apply. Each Forum PRP member is expected to review all abstracts and all papers related to their Forum and to participate actively and in a timely way in the selection and final review of presentations and papers in order to ensure an appropriate level of quality for all Forum activities. They may access and read additional abstracts, as well.

The following steps outline the normal Forum Planning and Review Process. The process applies to invited as well as papers submitted in response to the call for papers.

  1. The Forum PRPs review all abstracts assigned to their Forums by the CC to determine their relevance to the Forum.
  2. The Forum Chairs meet with the CC (via teleconference) to determine the disposition and tentative assignment of paper abstracts to Forums. All abstracts are classified using the following categories:
    • outright rejection
    • conditional acceptance based on suggested modifications
    • tentative scheduling for presentation at one Forum
    • tentative scheduling of multiple presentations at several Forums
    • tentative scheduling for presentation at a joint Forum
  3. The PRP reads the final papers for their forum as they are received. They may recommend changes to the author if the quality of the paper is poor or if the Paper is different from the abstract and they may recommend the CC assign the paper to another Forum or that the paper be rejected.
  4. The PRP generates a proposed final agenda for their Forum, which is submitted to the CC for review, reconciliation, and approval.
  5. As part of the reconciliation process, the CC may reassign papers, or establish joint Forum sessions in order to balance the presentations, which may require further PRP reviews and scheduling.
  6. The CC publishes the final Workshop program, including the Forum agendas, approximately four weeks prior to the start of the Workshop
  7. The PRP may review briefing materials if available before the workshop and suggest changes if necessary.
  8. The PRP identifies key points in each paper and presentation and consolidates key points for the workshop out-brief.
  9. The PRP identifies and recommends to the CC Forum papers to be included in a workshop recommended reading list.

The members of the Forum Planning and Review Panel (PRP) shall elect from among their number a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary. The Chair runs the Forum meetings during the workshop.