Process Overview
  • Election Committee established at start of annual cycle, publishes announcement.
  • Open positions are announced via SISO-ADMIN discussion.
  • Both voters and candidates must establish membership prior to election (SISO and PRP).
  • Candidates self nominate during 3-4 week period through the SISO Elections System.
  • Balloting is conducted through the SISO Elections System - Enter email and Member ID, receive ballot and cast your vote.
  • Results validated by Election Committee - announced via SISO-ADMIN discussion.
Process for Self Nomination

Self nomination period will be open for 3-4 weeks for each committee.
  1. All nominations will be self-nominations.
  2. Use a standard form for the self-nomination (Refer to the Elections main page for the access to the SISO Election System. You will need to log in with your email address and Member ID).
  3. Candidates post qualifications and summaries of their proposed approach to office being sought.
  4. Self-nominations will be sent to the Election Manager.
  5. Self-nominations will be posted to the discussion & this web site by the Election Manager.
  6. The nomination list will be kept by the Election Manager.
  7. The Election Manager will post the complete nomination list to the SISO-ADMIN discussion at 15 days, 5 days and 2 days before the last call for self-nomination, in order to permit individuals a final opportunity make sure their name is on the list of nominees or to add themselves to the list.
Limitations (per SISO Policy & Procedures)
  • Candidates may be elected to only one of the three main committees (EXCOM, SAC, CC).
  • One may not serve more than two consecutive terms on the same main committee (EXCOM, SAC, CC).
  • One may not serve on the CC and as a PRP chair.
  • One may not serve on the SAC and as a PDG chair.