The Executive Committee (EXCOM) is the governing, policy level body of SISO with the following major areas of responsibility:

• Provides overall governance, strategic planning, policy, and oversight of policy
   implementation and general processes within SISO.
• Ensures SISO adheres to the general Operating Principles defined in Section 2.0 of the
   Policies & Procedures.
• Ensures the professionalism of the Product Development activities of SISO, and
   compliance with the formal product development processes.
• Ensures the relevance and usefulness of the meeting events of SISO, especially of the
   annual Simulation Innovation Workshops.
• Ensures the sound management of SISO activities.

Officers of EXCOM
The EXCOM elects from its membership a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary, each of whom serve a term of one year commencing at the end of the Fall SIW. EXCOM officers are chosen within thirty days of the SAC and CC officer elections during each annual election cycle. Members eligible for office, and members eligible to vote, are those that will be on the EXCOM for the coming year.

The EXCOM Chair provides primary oversight of the EXCOM and the activities of SISO. The Chair plans and conducts EXCOM meetings and ensures the appointment of EXCOM members to any subcommittees formed under the EXCOM. The Vice Chair assists the Chair in obligatory activities and conducts meetings when the Chair is unable to attend or must excuse him/herself from chair activities. The Secretary serves as record keeper by taking and maintaining minutes of meetings, lists of action items, and rosters of attendees.
Outreach Committee
Participate in the Outreach Committee's mission to educate the world about SISO's products and the value of SISO membership.
Meeting Minutes
The EXCOM  Discussion Archives, including the meeting minutes, are available for review.
The members of the EXCOM are elected by eligible voters of SISO. Members of the EXCOM shall maintain membership in SISO through the entire term of their membership on the EXCOM There are eleven elected members of the EXCOM, nine elected at large and the elected Chairs of the SAC and CC. The Chair of the EXCOM may, with the agreement of the other elected EXCOM members, appoint up to two additional SISO members to the EXCOM for a one-year term, should such appointment be considered in the best interest of SISO. Both elected and appointed members of the EXCOM are voting members.  

The nine at-large members of the EXCOM are elected to three-year staggered terms with approximately one-third of these expiring each year.  

In recognition of the United States Department of Defense's major interest and investments in simulations and its requirements for interoperability and broad commercial standards, a Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (M&S CO) liaison serves as a non-voting member of the EXCOM. This liaison is typically the Director of the M&S CO; however, the Director may select a senior member of the M&S CO staff to represent M&S CO as needed. In the future, other entities that become major participants and supporters of SISO will be invited to provide a non-voting liaison to the EXCOM. These invitations will require a two-thirds majority vote of the EXCOM.
The EXCOM is responsible for reviewing and promulgating the SISO Vision Statement, which is formally reviewed and voted on by the EXCOM every three years, at a minimum. Within three months of each formal review, the EXCOM publishes a three-year strategic plan covering meetings and standards activities, as well as other special topics such as outreach. This strategic plan utilizes the SISO Vision Statement as a framework and guide for planning broad activities of SISO; it also emphasizes any special areas of the SISO Vision Statement (such as new important functional needs, areas of education and outreach) and provides guidance for on-going activities, including management of SISO, Inc. Detailed aspects of this plan are implemented by the EXCOM and any other groups formed by the EXCOM for these specific purposes.  

From a policy perspective, the EXCOM oversees the activities of SAC and its groups to ensure that high quality products are produced in a timely and responsive manner as needed by the broad modeling and simulation community. Likewise, the EXCOM oversees the activities of the CC and its various forums.  

The EXCOM oversees the general election procedures of SISO to ensure a suitable number and distribution of qualified participants for each election, the fairness and integrity of the process, and adherence to schedule. The EXCOM may create a sub-committee to carry out this function and report to the EXCOM at large.  

The EXCOM oversees the recognition of SISO members for specific or continuing service to the community or organization.