Outreach Committee
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Participate in the Outreach Committee's mission to educate the world about SISO's products and the value of SISO membership. The scope of OC version 2.0 will be marketing/advertising. Our job will be to communicate news and the value of changes being made by SISO to the world in an effective manner. We have the following responsibilities:
  1. Identify communication channels:
    1.  Latest News on our website
    2. LinkedIn groups
    3. Press releases
  2. Identify/establish sources of communications
    1. Completion of standards
    2. New SIW format
    3. New educational offerings
  3. Determine which channels are effective for delivering which types of communications
  4. Establish processes for delivering communications to those channels and ensuring that those processes are maintained over time
  5. Measure the effectiveness of message delivery

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Hart Rutherford
(Part 2 of 2) Email: Tools like Constant Contact provide built-in tools to measure who opens each email, which links are clicked, and trends over time. Print: Flyers sent by mail should include a special response code that might offer a discount on SIW registration. Based on those codes, it’s simple to measure the effectiveness of a print marketing campaign. Facebook: Most utilize “Likes” as an indicator of audience reach, but it’s not a quality measure of impact, in my opinion.
Posted At 15-11-2012 12:16:50

Hart Rutherford
(Part 1 of 2) A few thoughts on messaging and measuring impact: - Pick one goal and develop messages to support that singular objective We should decide in advance what we want existing members and new prospects to remember about SIW - The audience dictates the medium Do we actually know how our attendees like to receive information? Email? Print? Facebook? Depending on the answer, development of metrics is pretty straightforward. We should also be prepared to operate on all of the abov
Posted At 15-11-2012 12:16:11

Martin Tapp
For 1: - SISO RSS feeds (do capture more than just reflector comments like product changes, standards revisions...) - External feeds (push SISO products for broader audience for instance on InfoQ, reddit...) For 2: - Call for paper - Upcoming revisions - New SISO work groups - Tradeshows For 4: - Post communication proposition on SISO form - Target relevant comms channels - Provide target audience - SAC/EXCOM to revise outgoing communications - Accept or recject providing
Posted At 12-11-2012 14:23:42

Martin Tapp
One nice CfP feed is http://www.wikicfp.com/cfp/rss.
Posted At 12-11-2012 14:12:52

Robert Siegfried
w.r.t. 1: The "Call for Papers" for SIWs should be distributed via email. I can not remember that I have ever received a CfP for a SIW via email (which is a common way of advertising of almost all scientific conferences). This would also simplify the process of forwarding the CfP to new potential attendees and to invite them to a SIW.
Posted At 30-10-2012 07:03:44