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How do I become a SISO Member?

Attend a Workshop...
The primary way to become a member of SISO is to register for and attend a SISO Simulation Innovation Workshop (SIW).

Each person who registers for and attends an SIW shall be granted a complimentary membership in SISO, to be activated (for new members) or renewed (for existing members) shortly after the SIW.  

SISO complimentary memberships will automatically expire at the end of the twelfth month following the last day of the most recent SIW for which the member registered and attended.  

(So those receiving SISO membership as a result of attending the 2020 SIW will be given a membership expiration date of 2/28/2021.)

How do I attend a Workshop?

Select "SISO Workshops" from the "Workshops" menu item above.  Then select the workshop you would like to attend and follow the links to register.

Complete a Membership Form and Pay a Registration Fee...
If you are not able to attend at least one SIW in a year, you may become a new SISO member or renew your SISO membership for a fee of $95 per year.

There are two ways to submit your payment:
Online Membership Purchase/Renewal  Complete this online form, then submit a credit card payment through PayPal.  Accepted methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Discover, or via your PayPal account. If you are a current member, please have your Member ID ready.

To locate your Member ID, log in to the SISO Website and select your name in the top left corner, then “Edit Profile”.  Your Member ID will be found under the “Manage Profile” tab.

 Membership Form 
Print and fill out this form, and mail it along with a check for $95(US) to:
Attn. Patrick Rowe, Executive Director
7901 4th St. N, Suite 300-4043
St. Petersburg, FL, 33702

Please make checks payable to "SISO, Inc.".  Your SISO Member ID will be emailed to you.  Allow up to 30 days for delivery and processing.

Organizational Membership...
The third way is to be included in a list of individual memberships paid for as part of an Organizational Membership  in SISO.

For further information regarding Organizational Membership, contact SISO's Executive Director,


SISO Individual Membership



The SISO Inc. Board of Directors periodically reviews the Individual Membership requirements and processes.



For more details see:
 Individual Membership


Please Note: All individual memberships expire a year after activation/renewal.  SISO Member IDs are retained in the Member Database and may be reactivated at any time by one of the above methods described.


SISO Member Database

Once you receive your member ID, you can verify and update your contact information on-line. Just log into the SISO Member Database, enter any changes or updates to keep your record current, and click SAVE. It's that easy!

To log into the SISO Member Database, you must use the email address currently listed in your membership record, along with your Member ID.  If you have forgotten your Member ID, you can click "I Forgot My ID" on the login page, and your Member ID will be mailed to the email address currently listed for you.  If you are not sure what email address is listed in your membership record, you can check by going to the SISO "Discussions" page, selecting "Options" from the top of the page, and then selecting "My Profile".  On the page that appears, you will be able to see what email address is listed by the SISO-MEMBERS Discussion.  This will correspond to the email address in your membership record.  This address can then be used to log into the Member Database, or to retrieve your Member ID.  If you have forgotten your Member ID and your listed email address is no longer accessible, contact SISO Support for help (see below).

If you believe you should be in the SISO membership database, but have NOT received your SISO membership number, please contact:

SISO Support
7901 4th St. N, Suite 300-4043
St. Petersburg, FL, 33702


For information relating to SISO Privacy Policies, please see the following:
SISO Privacy Notice