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Latest News
UCATT Product Support Groups established UCATT Product Support Groups established - Thursday, September 21, 2017
To support its published SISO products and those to follow, the UCATT group has established a SISO Product Support Group (PSG), in line with SISO policy and effective immediately.

The UCATT PSG will serve as a central point for interpretations of product language, for providing help desk support to the SISO community and for accepting, developing and maintaining problem reports/change requests to support future product revisions.

To date, the UCATT PDG has produced three SISO products which will be supported by the PSG:
  • SISO-STD-016-00-2016, Standard for UCATT Laser Engagement Interface
  • SISO-GUIDE-003-00-2016, Guide for UCATT Live Simulation Standards and Architecture
  • SISO-REF-059-00-2015, Reference for UCATT Ammunition Table
In order to reduce overhead and to optimally coordinate product support and the ongoing development of future products, the group has decided to merge the PDG and PSG. The PSG has already started a Drafting Group (DG) to develop an Accreditation Test Plan in the form of a SISO Reference document, in support of SISO-STD-016-00-2016 Standard for UCATT Laser Engagement Interface.

For further information, please visit the UCATT PDG/PSG webpage.

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