Guidance Products

SISO Guidance Products, like SISO Standards Products, are balloted SISO Products. Guidance Products describe the development, integration, and/or use of common reference data (e.g., processes, practices, and procedures).  The Standards Activity Committee developed and approved the SISO Guidance Product Template.  Any group developing a new or updating a published SISO Guidance Product should download and use the SISO Guidance Product Template.

SISO-GUIDE-001.1-2012Guide for Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation (GM-VV) to Support Acceptance of Models, Simulations, and Data, GM-VV Volume 1: Introduction 
SISO-GUIDE-001.1-2012 was produced by SISO in cooperation with the NATO Modeling and Simulation Task Group, MSG-073, Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation of Models, Simulations, and Data. Volume 1 provides general guidance for the V&V of models, simulations, and data, as well as a technical framework that focuses on V&V practices.

SISO-GUIDE-001.2-2012:  Guide for Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation (GM-VV) to Support Acceptance of Models, Simulations, and Data, GM-VV Volume 2: Implementation Guide
SISO-GUIDE-001.2-2012 contains details on the implementation framework components, as well as detailed guidance on how to apply these components in conjunction with the tailoring framework to develop concrete V&V solutions. More technical and referential background information on the GM-VV, V&V in general and other related topics can be found in SISO-REF-039-2013, GM-VV Vol. 3: Reference Manual.

SISO-GUIDE-003-00-2016: Guide for UCATT Live Simulation Standards and Architecture
SISO-GUIDE-003-00-2016 provides context for the UCATT family of standards and architecture to (1) enable data exchange between (legacy) live simulation systems from different suppliers and end-users; (2) enable data exchange between subsystems of live simulation systems from different manufacturers and end-users; (3) support the design, development and construction of live simulation systems; and (4) give guidance to the definition of future live simulation system requirements to support interoperability.

Related products include:
SISO-STD-016-00-2016: Standard for UCATT Laser Engagement Interface
SISO-REF-059-00-2015: Reference for UCATT Ammunition Table

SISO-GUIDE-004-2017: Guide for Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) Phase 1
This “SISO Guide for: Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) Phase 1” provides examples of the use of the Phase 1 C-BML Standard and additional descriptive material to serve as an aid to adopters of the Phase 1 C-BML Standard.

Related Products include:
SISO-STD-011-2014:  Standard for Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) Phase 1, Version 1.0 (14 Apr 2014)

 SISO-GUIDE-006-2018Guideline on Scenario Development for Simulation Environments 
The SISO-GUIDE-006-2018 “Guideline on Scenario Development for Simulation Environments” was produced by SISO based on preliminary work of the NATO Modelling and Simulation Task Group, MSG-086, on “Simulation Interoperability”. This new guidance is consistent and complementary with SISO and NATO preliminary works on scenarios and conceptual modelling.

 SISO-GUIDE-007-2018Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes (RIEDP) Data Model Foundations. 
This document promotes reusability of environmental database generation efforts and fosters interoperability between simulation systems through a standardized understanding of both their environmental data products and generation processes. This SISO Guidance product:

  • formalizes the high-level process, and the associated data flow stages and tasks, that are used in the creation of environmental databases for Modeling and Simulation,
  • provides a reference data model for expressing the data produced through that process, and
  • specifies the organization of RIEDP-compliant data and metadata on media.

These are identified as the RIEDP Reference Process Model (RPM) and the RIEDP Reference Abstract Data Model (RADM), and together comprise this RIEDP Data Model Foundations product. 

SISO-GUIDE-009-2017: Guide for Simulation Reference Markup Language – Primary Features
This guide provides a user guide to the primary features of the Simulation Reference Markup Language (SRML). SRML is an Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based data representation that provides the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) community with:

  • An interchange format to support the development of simulation models.
  • A common mechanism for loading and executing simulations.
  • The ability to create an executable simulation model that can be shared between various devices.
  • A way to improve model consistency between federated simulations.
  • The ability to reuse simulations throughout the commercial, educational, and governmental communities, and across simulation domains.

Related products include:
SISO-STD-009-00-2017: Standard for Simulation Reference Markup Language Specification
SISO-STD-009-01-2017: Standard for Simulation Reference Markup Language Engine Specification Level 0

SISO-GUIDE-010-2020: Guide for Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation  
This is the guidance document for the C2SIM standard. It has been assembled from various documents prepared by the C2SIM Drafting Team and used to support development and evaluative testing of C2SIM, in extensive collaboration with NATO Modelling and Simulation Group Technical Activity 145. The guide covers C2SIM’s use of ontologies as well as practical issues associated with deployment.