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SISO-REF-045-2012: Mission Re-evaluation Team Final Report
SISO-REF-045-2012 redefines the SISO mission in a relatively short, but inclusive mission statement. Based on the mission statement, a set of recommendations considered to be important to accomplishing that mission are defined. Some of the recommendations include issues that are the responsibility of the SISO Conference Committee or SISO Standards Activity Committee for consideration by that SISO Committee.

SISO-REF-033-2010: Report on Member Feedback to the 2010 EXCOM (3X5 Card Report)
SISO-REF-033-2010 documents feedback from SISO members to the SISO Executive Committee.  During the plenary session at the 2009 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop, SISO members were asked to use 3x5 cards to document suggestions for improving SISO operations. This report summarizes the feedback received for the purpose of moving forward on the suggestions.

SISO-REF-006-2001: BOM Methodology Strawman (BMS) Specification 
SISO-REF-006-2001 captures the findings of the Base Object Model (BOM) Study Group and highlights the methodology for creating, selecting, and using BOMs as building blocks in the construction of interoperable environments.

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