SISO Standards Products are formally approved items that reflect consensus agreements on products, practices, or operations, as required, by simulation industry applications. SISO Standards Products are to be stable, well understood, technically competent, and have multiple independent interoperable implementations. In addition SISO Standards Products should enjoy significant public support and be useful in some or all parts of the simulation community. Compliance with a SISO Standards Product requires conformance with these Product Principles:

Standards Products shall be as general as possible, while still maintaining usefulness, to support the broadest community of current and future users.
Standards Products shall be established and changed only as necessary.  They shall be prototyped and tested before being proposed for adoption to demonstrate their maturity.
Standards Products shall maintain the integrity of the existing product suite and the needs of the user.

SISO is involved in the following types of standards.

IEEE Standards

In 2003 the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board recognized the SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC) as the Computer / Simulation Interoperability (C/SI) Standards Committee. C/SI sponsors three series of IEEE Standards:

  • IEEE Std 1278TM — Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • IEEE Std 1516TM — High Level Architecture for M&S (HLA)
  • IEEE Std 1730TM — Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP)

SISO Members are provided exclusive access to download one copy each of active SISO-sponsored IEEE Standards.

C/SI policies and procedures for standards development are valid thru 31 Dec 2020.

SISO Standards

SISO provides an environment for the development of products that support the interoperability and reuse of distributed simulations. Learn more about the Standards Activity Committee - the committee that oversees the development and support of SISO Products. Visit these webpages to download SISO Products:

SISO Standards Products

SISO Guidance Products

SISO Reference Products

SISO Administrative Products

As part of its support, SISO provides quick-turnaround responses to requests for interpretation or guidance in the use of these SISO Products.

Listed under Development Groups are potential SISO Products currently under development.  Listed under Study Groups are possible future SISO Products being studied.

ISO Standards

The SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC)  is a Category C Liaison to ISO/IEC:
JTC1Joint Technical Committee Information technology
SC 24 — Subcommittee Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation
WG 8  — Working Group Environmental representation

Category C Liaisons may make technical contributions to and participate actively in the work of a working group.  SAC sponsors a group in which M&S Community members may participate for post-standardization support of the ISO/IEC series of SEDRIS Standards.

The collection of standards developed and published by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24 are found in the ISO Standards Catalogue.