This webpage provides the supplemental data files associated with SISO Standards, SISO Guidance, and SISO Reference Products. Data files include XML, XML Schemas, UML, as well as other modeling languages. To find the data files, just scroll down the page and select the appropriate SISO Product. Each SISO Product has one or more ways to download its associated data files. Possible ways include (1) downloading a zipped file containing all data files; or (2) downloading individual data files; or (3) information is provided where you can find the data files; or (4) a combination of 1, 2, and/or 3.

SISO Standards Data Files

SISO-STD-001.1-2015 Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM) V2

SISO-STD-002-2021 Standard for Link 16 Simulation

Link 16 FOM module
The normative definition of the HLA design for Link 16 Simulation. Note that the Link 16 FOM module relies on a parent FOM to provide suitable definitions for basic concepts such as radio transmitters and radio signals. It can be considered as a “template” for creating a concrete FOM module for inclusion in the parent FOM.

RPR FOM 2.0 with Link 16
An informative archive containing the Link 16 FOM module integrated into the original RPR FOM 2.0 in modular (HLA Evolved) format.

SISO-STD-003-2006 Base Object Model (BOM)

  • BOM Schema
    This is the principal schema file used for the BOM. There are also two others: Model ID, and OMT (see below).
  • ModelId Schema
    This is the schema used to tag models with identifying discovery metadata. It is used by the BOM and MSDL but also available to other standards activities. It is also embedded in the HLA Evolved Schemas.
  • OMT Schema
    This is the OMT schema developed for the HLA Evolved effort and used by the BOM for describing "object structures / classes" such as object classes and interaction classes. Other parts of the OMT prescribed by the 1516 standard are also provided in this schema. For the most current HLA Evolved Schemas, however, see the HLA Evolved Schemas identified on this page.

SISO-STD-007-2008 Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL)

SISO-STD-008-00-2010 Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) UML
Information to be provided.

SISO-STD-008-01-2012 Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) XML

  • The Regular Language for XML Next Generation is the primary schema language for defining the XML representation of CMSD.
  • The CMSDTools Sourceforge project is used to disseminate CMSD related information.
  • Additional information can be found in SISO's Digital Library here.

SISO-STD-011-2014 Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML)

SISO-STD-012-2013 Federation Engineering Agreements Template (FEAT)

SISO-STD-014.1-2018 Standard for Gateway Description Language (GDL)

SISO-STD-014.2-2018 Standard for Gateway Filter Language (GFL)

SISO-STD-018-2020: SISO Space Reference FOM, Version 1.0 (25 Oct 2019)

SISO-STD-019-2020: Standard for Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation (C2SIM)
V1.0.0 Supporting Data Files (original): (114.03kb)
V1.0.1 Supporting Data Files (correction to transofrmation logic and resulting XML Schema; NOT backward compatible): (351kb)

SISO-STD-021-2021: Standard for UCATT Federation Object Model (UCATT FOM)
(This document contains excerpts from the FOM that are suitable for cutting and pasting into your Federation Agreement. You may also use this document as a starting point for your Federation Agreement.)
(U-FOM-Base_V1.0, U-FOM-Enumerations_V1.0, U-FOM-Module_V1.0 merged to one file for test purpose.)

SISO-Sponsored IEEE Standards-Related Data Files

IEEE Std 1516TM High Level Architecture-Evolved

  • IEEE1516-DIF-2010.xsd
    IEEE1516-DIF Schema defines the Data Interchange Format for exchanging possibly incomplete OMT files between tools.
  • IEEE1516-FDD-2010.xsd
    IEEE1516-FDD Schema is a relaxed version of the IEEE1516-OMT Schema defining the minimum set of OMT information required by any RTI.
  • IEEE1516-OMT-2010.xsd
    IEEE1516-OMT Schema is a stricter version of the IEEE1516-DIF Schema used to validates conformance with the OMT specification. Validation using this schema does not guarantee full conformance with the OMT specification.
  • Examples
    • HLAstandardMIM.xml
      The standard HLA MIM. Contains object roots, predefined data types, MOM and additional predefined descriptions.
    • RestaurantFOMmodule.xml
      A standalone FOM module example in XML: depends on no other FOM module than the standard HLA MIM module; uses the IEEE1516-DIF-2010.xsd schema.
    • RestaurantSOMmodule.xml
      A standalone SOM module example in XML: depends on no other SOM module than the standard HLA MIM module; uses the IEEE1516-DIF-2010.xsd schema.
  • Application Protocol Interface (API)
  • C++ API
    Java API
    Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) API 

SISO Reference Products

SISO-REF-010-2022 (v2.7) Reference for Enumerations for Simulation Interoperability