Benefits of Sponsorship

A Word To (and From) Our Sponsors and Organizational Members

We extend special thanks to the SISO Sponsors and Organizational Members!

If your organization is not already a SISO sponsor or Organizational Member, here are some compelling reasons for becoming one:

  1. SISO Sponsors are the key to SISO's ability to hold the Simulation Interoperability Workshops (SIWs) -- the best place to hear about work in the international modeling and simulation community. The SIWs bring together industry leaders and users from around the globe to debate, discuss and learn about technologies, business opportunities, and new simulation applications.
  2. SISO Sponsors have access to the members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM), who have a strong interest in advancing modeling and simulation, simulation interoperability and their standardization.
  3. SISO Sponsors enjoy benefits such as discounted registration and display space at US SIWs and listing in the SIW agenda and on the SISO website.
  4. SISO Sponsors have high visibility among SISO's loyal core membership. Many members have been involved in modeling and simulation and simulation interoperability through DIS and now SISO for 25 years or more.
  5. SISO Sponsors interact with SIW attendees, a "Who's Who" in modeling and simulation -- including leading customers, developers and researchers. The SIW attendees mingle with colleagues in a relaxed, casual environment, and discuss the future of modeling and simulation and simulation interoperability with the people who are shaping that future.
  6. SISO Sponsors benefit from SISO's association with government sponsors such as M&SCO and with partner organizations such as The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS) and the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA).
  7. SISO supports global events, with a global, world-class audience. SISO Sponsors have exposure to simulation users from around the world.
  8. SISO sponsors have access to SISO's professional and knowledgeable staff to help utilize SISO resources to their fullest.
  9. SISO Sponsors have a role in developing the simulation standards of the future.
NOTE: In addition to all of the benefits of sponsorship, Organizational Members also enjoy the following additional benefits:
  1. Specified numbers of individual memberships (new or renewal), to be designated by the organization's primary membership Point of Contact. (See Table A in the Organizational Membership Program.)
  2. Options to purchase pre-paid blocks of SIW registrations at substantial discounts (see Table B) or at a 10% discount for on-site registration.
  3. 25% (rather than 10%) discounts for exhibit booth fees for Strategic, Principal, and Sustaining Organizational Members (see Table A).
  4. Meetings with SISO leadership at SIWs and via individual teleconferences to discuss their organization's experiences interacting with SISO, any issues they may perceive, and any recommendations they may have regarding SISO activities or standards.

If your organization is interested in becoming a SISO Sponsor or Organizational Member, please contact:

Patrick Rowe
SISO Executive Director