Acquisition MS STDS Profile PDG
PDG approved with EXCOM approval of their Product Nomination (PN) 6 March 2013...

The primary purpose of the products being proposed is to provide guidance on the selection and use of M&S standards and recommended practices to support the Acquisition Lifecycle. The family of SISO products to be developed based on the product nomination is titled "A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling and Simulation in Support of Acquisition Activities".

The proposed SISO products will be developed, published, and maintained as two volumes. The first volume, a balloted SISO Guidance Product, will identify a set of modeling and simulation standards and recommended practices as key tools for guiding the international acquisition community  in the use of modeling and simulation  in activities that take place across the typical acquisition lifecycle. The second volume, a SISO Reference Product, will provide the descriptions and metadata for each modeling and simulation standard and recommended practice identified in the SISO Guidance Product. 

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PDG Chair:

Kenneth "Crash" Konwin
Booz Allen Hamilton

Vice Chair:

Paul Gustavson


Peggy Gravitz

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Curtis Blais
Naval Postgraduate School