In conjunction with the PDG and SAC, the AR reviews a circulating product, responds to comments by reviewers; and responds to the SAC on scope, schedule, and technical issues. Responds to comments as required. The work will be principally electronic.
An Assigned Reviewer (AR) has the following specific responsibilities:

Developing the Approach and Plan
Review the Product Nomination in its entirety and establish a clear understanding of the problem statement and the recommended approach. Review the Product Nomination problem statement and the proposed solution and determines the appropriate SISO product or products to address the issue.

Drafting Product and Compliance Criteria
Review the identified SISO product. Evaluate how well compliance criteria measure compliance of the product.

Prototype Evaluation and Product Impact Analysis
Evaluate the prototypes identified in the Product Nomination to determine whether they adhere to the draft product or if other prototypes are necessary to validate the product. Analyze, evaluate and comment on the impact of the SISO product on existing models and simulations, different M&S domains, and the consistency of the product with the SISO suite of products.