Compressed-Distributed Interactive Simulation (C-DIS) PDG

PDG approved with EXCOM approval of their Product Nomination (PN) 31 Jan 2020.

The Compressed DIS specification was created in order to exchange IEEE Standard 1278.1™-2012 DIS PDU information in limited bandwidth situations. By applying these real-time compression techniques to standard DIS PDUs it is possible to achieve approximately a fifty percent reduction in PDU size. This can be used to approximately double the amount of information sent over an existing link, or it could be used to enable DIS simulations to operate over links that would previously have had insufficient bandwidth.

The product will be based on the Air Force Research Laboratory developed specification for C-DIS that was demonstrated in joint AF/Navy technology demonstrations of LVC activities at the Nellis Test and Training Range in 2018.

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PDG Chair:

Mark McCall

Vice Chair:

Brett Tainter


John Hughes
CAE USA, Defense & Security

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

John Hughes
CAE USA, Defense & Security

Drafting Group Editor:

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Standard for Compressed Distributed Interactive Simulation (C-DIS)

This document applies to all users of the C-DIS Protocol

This document describes the format of the Program Data Units (PDU's) used by C-DIS. This document shall serve as the required standard format and transmission rules of C-DIS data, to allow interoperability among different users that implement and use this standard.

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