C2SIM PDG/PSG - Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation
The Command and Control Systems - Simulation Systems Interoperation (C2SIM) Product Development Group (PDG) and Product Support Group (PSG) kicked off at the 2014 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop.  The C2SIM PDG / PSG replaced two PDGs and one PSG:

- Military Scenario Definition Language PDG
- Coalition Battle Management Language PDG
- Military Scenario Definition Language PSG

The C2SIM PSG is responsible for supporting:
- SISO-STD-007-2008, Standard for Military Scenario Definition Language; and
- SISO-STD-011-2014, Standard for Coalition Battle Management Language Phase 1

Together the PDG and PSG, form one lifecycle product group empowered over the product lifecycle to develop and support products.  The functions of the PDG and PSG are distinct, but memberships are common, and administrative reporting will be as one group to consolidate administrative overhead.

The PDG envisions a family of products that will include both SISO Standards and SISO Guidance Products including:

C2SIM-LDM will provide, at a logical level (i.e., independent of how the data will be communicated), a core set of data elements common to most C2 and Simulation systems, combined with a standard way of adding to that core a collection of additional elements specific to a particular domain and/or context.

C2SIM-Initialize will supersede the MSDL v1 standard and is an XML message format developed with the purpose of initializing the operational environment (OE) in a wide variety of simulations and connected systems in the US-DoD and NATO-nation agencies.  Applications of the initialization messages include description of partial or complete start conditions for simulation execution (e.g., events and exercises) and contextual information defining the truth or belief conditions of actors in simulations.  Other applications include defining simulation checkpoint (snapshots of past simulation condition for reset or rollback operation), describing multiple courses of action, or contexts in the past, present or future (e.g., planned, preset, anticipated, objective states).

C2SIM-TaskingReporting will supersede the C-BML v1 standard is an XML message format developed with the purpose of describing task and report assertions in operational or simulation environments.  The new product expands the range of tasking and situational awareness information relative to the C-BML v2 standard.  Task and report messages may be utilized during execution of simulations as runtime messages between real or simulated entities and as a common format for conveying information to and from tactical message formats based on the C2SIM LDM.

The primary rationale for initiating a common C2SIM family of products is to integrate the C2SIM-Initialize and C2SIM-TaskingReporting message representations so that task and report message structures may be utilize in initialization messages.

The “Guideline for C2SIM-Initialize Implementation” will assist user organizations to understand effective ways to apply the C2SIM-Initalize standard.

The “Guideline for C2SIM-TaskingReporting Implementation” will assist user organizations to understand effective ways to apply the C2SIM-TaskingReporting standard.

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C2SIM PDG Co-Chairs:

Dr. Mark Pullen
George Mason University C4i Center

Kevin Galvin
Thales - UK

Vice Chairs:

Douglas Reece

Dr. Rob Wittman

Bruno Gautreau

Lead Editor:

Samuel Singapogu
George Mason University C4i Center


Thom DeCarlo

C2SIM PSG Co-Chairs:

Dr. Rob Wittman

Curt Blais
Naval Postgraduate School

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Curt Blais
Naval Postgraduate School

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