Distributed Debrief Control Architecture (DDCA) PDG
The DDCP Study Group final report examined various aspects of distributed debrief and the expressed interest of the M&S community at large in development of standards to support these debrief aspects. The report includes a discussion of the potential underlying protocols (e.g. HLA, DIS, TENA, other). Other aspects discussed include replay controls, reply status, transfer of control, security, accreditation and extensibility.

The Study Group has transitioned to the Distributed Debrief Control Architecture (DDCA) PDG. The primary requirement for a distributed debrief control architecture is an object model which can be described for consistent representation in different environments (e.g. DIS, HLS, TENA, etc).

The proposed product does not include standards for the actual playback of data. The future product will specify the control aspects of a distributed debrief, but the actual mechanism for record and playback of DIS, HLA, TENA, audiovisual, and other types of data is considered out of scope for the proposed product.

The product shall be a SISO standard to define the methods to conduct a distributed debrief over a simulation network framework. The DDCA shall consist of an object model that defines messages, states, and behaviors. Interoperability between different implementations shall be enabled through consistent use of these messages, states, and behaviors.
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