Link 11 A/B PDG - Link 11 A/B Network Simulation Standard

There are immediate and overdue operational requirements for existing military simulations to exchange Link-11 A/B data using a single interoperable standard.

The standard shall have two parts, one that will describe extensions to the DIS standard and the second will detail a Base Object Model (BOM) to extend Federate Object Models (FOM) operating in the HLA framework. The standard shall detail implementation and usage methodologies in DIS and HLA as well as defining the data structures. This standard shall not contradict any part of the IEEE 1278.1 or IEEE 1516 standard. This standard shall contain no classified information and shall be suitable for unlimited distribution.

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Joe Sorroche  
Sandia National Laboratories

Vice Chair:

Steven Weiss  
U.S. Air Force


Patrick J. Merlet  
Parsons Corporation

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Angus (Thom) McLean
Rockwell Collins