RIEDP PDG - Reuse and Interoperation of Environmental Data and Processes

As described in the Product Nomination, and consistent with the RIEDP SG Final Report, the RIEDP PDG is developing products to harmonize environmental data representations and generation processes at a level after the source data stage, but before the run-time/proprietary stage, recognizing that there is a broad range within this band. This will be achieved by retaining the data form (or format) as close to the source data as possible in order to benefit from GIS tools, while at the same time keeping the internal data consistency (intrinsic correlation factor), and not introducing specific target application constraints at this level that should be addressed separately by each target application during run-time. 

The PDG is producing two complementary products:

The Environmental Data Model Foundations Product is composed of two (tightly coupled) parts, the Reference Process Model (RPM) and the Reference Abstract Data Model (RADM). These form the foundations for existing and/or emerging database generation projects to compare, contrast, and map their data generation process and data model capabilities to these models. In this regard, use of the Environmental Data Model Foundations serves as a guide in establishing database generation process models and their corresponding data models within the community.  In addition, the Environmental Data Model Foundations may aid in the development of the Environmental Detailed Features Description product.

The Environmental Detailed Features Description Product will provide the required information for identifying instances and/or classes of environmental features and objects that, along with their specific attributes, value ranges, and metadata, will be utilized in environmental data products. The use of the Environmental Detailed Features Description as a standard product will ensure data interoperability through the identification of features, their definitions (through the use of standardized dictionaries), their corresponding attributes, and any associated metadata.

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Jean-Louis Gougeat
SOGITEC Industries

Vice Chair:

Simon Skinner
Thales UK Ltd.



Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Grant Bailey
UK Ministry of Defence

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