The Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) Technical Advice and Lexicon for Enabling Simulation (TALES) Product Development Group (PDG) and Product Support Group (PSG), referred to as the TADIL TALES PDG & PSG, is a combined product group that is empowered over the product lifecycle to develop and support all SISO tactical datalink simulation standards. The functions of the PDG and PSG are distinct, but with a combined group, administrative reporting and overhead is greatly reduced.

Prior to 2019, each SISO tactical datalink simulation standard had its own development group and there was a separate support group mostly associated with the Link 16 Simulation Standard. These groups all merged into the TADIL TALES PDG & PSG. Using the TADIL TALES approach, the TADIL TALES PDG & PSG develops and supports a family of SISO tactical datalink simulation standard products with a common and consistent structure, look, and feel, including support for both the IEEE Std 1278.1 (DIS) simulation protocol and the IEEE Std 1516 (HLA) simulation protocol.

The TADIL TALES PDG & PSG provides a central resource for questions and interpretation of product language, provides help desk support to the SISO community, and accepts, develops, and maintains problem/change requests to support product revisions. The TADIL TALES PDG & PSG monitors and considers supporting other tactical datalinks such as IBS-I and IBS-S, Link 22, VMF, and other emerging tactical datalinks.

Listed below are the SISO tactical datalink simulation standards that are approved or in development. Associated discussions and documents can be accessed by clicking on the links in the upper right corner, under PDG & PSG Materials, which link to the Discussion Board and the Digital Library.


SISO-STD-005-2023 Standard for Link 11/11B Simulation (15 June 2023)
Additional data files may be downloaded from the SISO Product Data Files webpage.

SISO-STD-002-2021 Link 16 Simulation Standard, 8 November 2021
Additional data files may be downloaded from the SISO Product Data Files webpage.

In Development

SISO-STD-XXX-20XX AIS Simulation Standard

See the Discussion Board for TADIL TALES PDG & PSG meeting announcements and consider subscribing to it. The PDG & PSG meets regularly, and participation is strongly encouraged.

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Joe Sorroche  
Sandia National Laboratories 

Vice Chair:

Steven Weiss  


Patrick J. Merlet  
Parsons Corporation 

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John Hughes