Balloted Products Development & Support Process (BPDSP)

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The Balloted Product Development and Support Process (BPDSP) provides direction on the development and support of SISO balloted products.  This process manages the development of standards according the SISO-ADM-002, SISO Policies and Procedures and provides specific SAC guidance. It does not cover non-balloted products.

The process is documented in detail in SISO-ADM-003-2011.  The image to the right depicts the flow of the .   Templates referenced in the process are available to users in the Digital Library.

Balloted Products

Balloted Products have a development and support process that is different than the process for  non-balloted products. Balloted Products are:

The BPDSP Document

SISO-ADM-003-2011 provides the comprehensive description of the process.