About SPS
Active SISO Members have access to Shared Public Specifications (SPSs). From sharing one of their own to viewing what others have shared, members can log in to view them all.

What are Shared Public Specifications?

  Documents including interface specifications, XML schemas, and data formats, but may not be source code, executables, or databases. They cannot be marketing materials.
  • They can only be submitted and accessed by SISO members.
  • They can evolve into a SISO standard
  • Once posted on the SISO site, the submitter releases all rights to the specification but also makes no commitment to continued support for the specification, nor to support any SISO standard derived from it.
  • The EXCOM or SAC periodically reviews the SPS postings and community feedback for each. Postings that violate the restrictions on marketing materials or non-specifications, or that the community identifies as technically inaccurate may be removed on the EXCOMs or SACs authority.
  • SPSs are not related to trial use standards until/unless the SISO community initiates a PDG to evolve the SPS into a standard, at which time the existing BPDSP mechanisms apply.

To view and/or download the SPSs, please log in using the "Log In" link at the top of the page. If you are an active SISO Member, once logged in, return to this SPS page to be presented with a list of available SPSs along with a "Download" link for each listing.  Should you have any trouble logging in or viewing the submissions, please contact siso-help@sisostds.org.