About the SAC

The SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC) provides oversight for SISO product development and support activities.  SAC is working to instill agility into SISO standardization processes, reduce administrative burdens on groups, and to get SISO Standards, Guidance, and Reference Products into the M&S community faster.

The Standards Development Activity Newsletter is the SAC initiative to keep SISO Sponsors, Organizational Members, and Affiliated Organizations informed about standardization activities, Standards in the news, and other related events.  An added benefit of publishing the newsletter is that it also informs the broader M&S Community.

SAC determines when there is a specific need for and then establishes a SAC Special Working Group (SWG) to develop and/or maintain and support a SISO Reference Product that has applicability across the SISO community.  SWGs conduct business IAW how SAC conducts business (IAW SAC Procedures, SISO-ADM-002, and SISO-ADM-003).  If you are interested in joining a SWG, visit the group's webpage to find more information:

If you are interested in SISO groups or SISO Products or how you can get involved, please contact any SAC member to request information.


SAC members are elected by the SISO membership. There are 11 elected members, including the Vice-Chair of the SISO Conference Committee. SAC members shall maintain SISO membership throughout their term IAW SISO Membership.

The SAC Chair may recommend the appointment of additional SISO members based on the number of groups under SAC purview and liaisons with other Standards Development Organizations.  All SAC members, both elected and appointed, are voting members.


About the Officer Positions

The SAC elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary who serve a 1-year term commencing at the end of the annual Simulation Innovation Workshop. Members eligible for office and members eligible to vote are those who will serve on the SAC for the following year. 

The SAC Chair oversees the SAC as it carries out its oversight responsibilities for SISO product development and support. The SAC Chair reports to and serves as an ex officio member of the SISO Executive Committee. The SAC Chair serves as the SAC Liaison to the International Organization for Standardization, Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Environmental Data Representation Subcommittee (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24). The SAC Chair serves, or appoints another SISO member to serve, as liaison to other national or international standards organizations with which SISO establishes a relationship.

The SAC Vice-Chair assists the Chair and conducts meetings when the Chair is unable for any reason.  The SAC Vice-Chair serves as an ex officio member of the SISO Conference Committee. The SAC Chair or Vice-Chair serve on the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board and chair the Computer/Simulation Interoperability (C/SI) Standards Committee.


The SAC Secretary is responsible for supporting, organizing, documenting, and archiving SAC activities. Minutes from SAC meetings provide a history of SAC activities.


SAC manages the product development and support processes described in Product Development.

SAC has the following primary responsibilities:

Individual SAC members serve as Technical Activity Directors (TADs) who liaise between SAC and the groups that SAC oversees. TADs are responsible for advising groups on how to meet the requirements of SISO-ADM-002-2011 and its subordinate administrative products.


SAC may identify and nominate any member of SISO in recognition of specific or continuing service to the activities and groups under SAC purview IAW the SISO  Awards and Recognitions Program.