SAC SWG Reference for Enumerations for Simulation

The SAC Special Working Group Reference for Enumerations for Simulation (SAC SWG Enumerations) publishes, maintains, supports, and updates SISO Reference Product, SISO-REF-010, Enumerations for Simulation Interoperability.

SISO-REF-010 specifies numerical values and associated definitions for fields that are identified as enumerations in SISO Standards Products and SISO-sponsored standards published by IEEE for High Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS).  Enumerations for simulations may be applied in other architectures, such as the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA).

A companion document that identifies additional information regarding the enumerations and how the SWG is formed and operates, specifically regarding approval practices, forms, instructions, and status is also available. This is SISO-REF-010.1, SWG Enumerations for Simulation Operations Manual.

To join the SWG, subscribe to the SAC-SWG-ENUM discussion.

Historical note:  The Enumerations Working Group (formerly and colloquially referred to as “DIS Enums") operating under the Distributed Interactive Simulation Product Support Group transitioned in 2015 to become the SAC SWG.

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