SAC SWG Reference for Problem Report / Change Request
The SAC Special Working Group Reference for Problem Report / Change Request (SAC SWG PR/CR) is developing a SISO Reference Product that describes a standardized general process  that could be used / adapted for use by any SISO group or committee needing to track PR/CRs (e.g., Study Groups, Product Development Groups, Product Support Groups).

The SWG is also developing a template and instructions for a generalized PR/CR form.  The SWG  will maintain, support, and update the process and form as needed, and especially as feedback from users is received.  The SWG will also recommend corresponding updates to SISO Administrative Products impacted by implementing a common PR/CR process and common PR/CR  form.

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Lance Marrou
SE Core / Leidos

Technical Activity Director:

Lance Marrou
SE Core / Leidos