CBMS SG - Cloud-Based Modelling & Simulation
Over the past few years, a significant number of SISO members have been engaged in M&S activities in the cloud. These and other early practitioners have produced practices and hard-learned lessons that would be valuable to others. The purpose of this study group is to identify and document the existing M&S in the cloud activities, document best practices, highlight lessons learned and identify where potential standards in order to facilitate adoption by other practitioners. The study group is organized into 3 different teams looking at cloud capabilities, models, and architecture. Specific study group tasks include:

  • Catalog, describe, and analyze current efforts using M&S in the cloud, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  • Conduct a literature review of SISO papers and other literature on M&S in the cloud.
  • Provide emerging guidance, resources and support to emerging practitioners.
  • Investigate the potential for standards to support cloud-based M&S.
  • Demonstrate cloud-based M&S capabilities.
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Jeff Truong​
Lead Modeling and Simulation Engineer
MITRE Corporation

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Chris McGroarty