DDCP SG - Distributed Debrief Control Protocol
The DDCP SG transitioned to the Distributed Debrief Control Architecture (DDCA) PDG at the 2011 Spring SIW. The goal of the DDCP Study Group is to evaluate industry and government interest in developing a distributed debrief control protocol standard.  The Study Group will evaluate  the potential for a standards product addressing interoperability between distributed debrief (AAR) systems from multiple sources.

Event replay is a common element of debriefing systems.  Many tool vendors implement debrief event replay using a variety of techniques and possess unique capabilities meeting the specific needs of the program.  When these systems need to be integrated into a larger distributed debrief spanning multiple sites, problems arise due to a lack of an interoperable standard.  The distributed debrief in this case will often not leverage the rich capabilities each site has to offer, and only provide the bare minimum capability.  Existing debriefing capabilities can be maintained and enhanced while reducing integration and operating costs through the development of an interoperable protocol for distributed debrief.

Boeing as well as other organizations have developed distributed debrief protocols of varying capabilities.  These same organizations have also indicated interest in a standards organization developing a distributed debrief protocol. 
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Randy Pitz
The Boeing Co

Vice Chair:

Steve Padilla


John Jinkerson

Technical Area Director (TAD):

Ken Peplow