EW-DEM SG - Electronic Warfare Data Exchange Model

Simulation developers and federation integrators lack the ability to easily and unambiguously integrate kinetic, electronic warfare (EW), and command and control (C2) simulations and C2 systems to evaluate the impact of EW effects on C2 and mission effectiveness. Several runtime data exchange models (DEMs) exist, but they’re not unified in a way that supports federation integration, especially across multiple simulation interoperability solutions. The EW DEM SG will identify and parameterize the entities and events necessary to meet validated data exchange requirements for CEMA and position, navigation, and timing (PNT) across and between live and synthetic and cyber and kinetic environments. The SG will determine the feasibility of unifying these requirements into an EW DEM and make a recommendation for whether or not to move forward with a standard based on this determination.

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Dr. Katherine L. Morse

Vice Chair

Allen Geddes

Secretary & Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Jeff Welch
Dignitas Technologies, LLC