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With the current focus on wargaming within the U.S. DOD, other departments, and NATO, there is an interest in creating and exploring modern efforts of applying simulation and other digital tools to the traditionally analog process of wargaming.  With its background in simulation, and the long history of combat modeling that is part of the Live-Virtual-Constructive tradition, it is appropriate that SISO be a sponsor organization for a Standing Study Group exploring the topic of simulation and wargaming for the purpose of identifying best practices; models, methods and tools; and identifying areas where it may be appropriate to develop standards for/with the community.

Wargaming and Simulation Survey
The Simulation and Wargaming Standing Study Group of SISO has initiated a survey to learn more about the current art and science of wargaming as it is practiced.  We are investigating the use of wargaming across many institutions (military, academia, industry, government, etc.) to identify current practices, especially with regards to the planned introduction and use of digital tools, computer simulations, visualization techniques, and other technology methods. 

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Specific Standing Study Group tasks include:

  • Develop an ongoing regular conversation to discuss topics of interest to the group.  This will begin with a general periodic telephone conference but will eventually generate specific groups tasked with looking at specific topics of interest.
  • Become and remain cognizant of other organized efforts (both internal and external to SISO) that are addressing related/relevant standards and practices.  Maintain liaison with those organizations for the purpose of expressing interest in their efforts and findings, potential collaborations, and in sharing the group’s work.
  • Produce a Yearly Report with documentation supporting all technical findings
  • Produce recommendations on standards development for the following items:
    • a) Wargame Event Process Model
    • b) Simulation Based Wargaming Taxonomy
    • c) Wargame Scenario Development Process
    • d) Simulation to Game Data Exchange Model
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Dr. Chuck Turnitsa
Regent University

Dr. Thomas Holland
Georgia Tech Research Institute


Tracy Johnson

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Clyde Smithson
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory