Target Data Transfer Protocol

A Study Group (SG) for the development of a Target Data Transfer Protocol (TDTP) is being initiated.  A ‘target’ is defined in this sense to be any object that a sensor can detect; it includes military and non-military vehicles, through to electricity pylons.  Members of UK Industry have been working on this topic and have produced some preliminary output as part of their involvement in a group set-up by The Real-Time Data Company Ltd. (refer to Target Data Standard).  Work has been conducted in the Radar and EO/IR areas.  It is the intention in the near future to start work in the ESM and sonar/acoustic areas.  This SG will work to produce a TDTP that serves the needs of the modeling and simulation community.
In a similar fashion to that experienced for Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL), target data and associated tools have been non-standard and closely coupled to the simulation they support.  This close coupling severely limits the sharing of target data among the various simulations and stimulation activities that need target data.
The modeling and simulation (M&S) community is in need of standards that support data exchange for existing and emerging systems, across the live, virtual, and constructive simulation domains.  This is of increasing importance, as data fusion applications require consistent information across several spectral areas for each target.

To solve the above issue, the mission of the TDTP SG will be to verify the needs for standards in this area, evaluate any existing related standardization efforts, and cultivate a broad base of support across the simulation community for development of the TDTP product. 

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