XR Interoperability Standards Study Group

The challenges and issues faced by what is typically known as AR/VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) technology covers a broad range of technical, operational, interoperability and social problems that must be addressed in order for society and the M&S community to benefit from the potential of AR/VR solutions. For the purposes of this Study Group the term “XR (eXperiential Reality) Interoperability” will be applied to represent and reflect a holistic approach centered on the collaborative exchange of information necessary to convey realistic experiences, which is needed to fully realize the power and potential of an “XR World”. With this study group the concept behind the term XR has been defined to pertain, derive and focus on an individual’s real-world experience. This Study Group will investigate six critical capabilities for XR Interoperability that includes: Operational Support, Tele-Operational Support, Educational Support, Analytical Support, Technical Support and Projectional Support. An agile approach will be applied to provide incremental products.

To read more about the Study Group, download Terms of Reference (SISO-TOR-033-2020).

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Paul Gustavson
SimVentions, Inc.

William Oates 

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