BOM PSG - Base Object Model
The BOM Product Support Group (PSG) supports the approved SISO-STD-003-2006 BOM Template Specification standard and the SISO-STD-003.1-2006 Guide for BOM Use and Implementation. The BOM PSG will serve as a central point for interpretations of product language, providing help desk support to the SISO community, and accepting, developing, and maintaining problem/change reports to support future product revisions.

The BOM PSG TOR was approved by the EXCOM on 13 Sep 06. The PSG supersedes the BOM PDG and will transition that group’s discussion board and document library. The support for the approved BOM standards (SISO-STD-003-2006 and SISO-STD-003.1-2006) includes:
  1. Establish and maintain a process to respond to questions (requests for interpretation) concerning the language used in the standard, the intention or result meant by a particular action, or an explanation of the reasons behind what the standard states. 
  2. Establish and maintain a Help Desk function using the SISO provided discussion board to answer questions and provide support to the community.
  3. Establish and maintain a Problem/Change Request process to collect problems and change requests from the community.  Conduct analysis and refinement of submitted problems and change requests.
  4. When the PSG is operating in parallel with a PDG developing a revision to a product, forward refined Problem/Change Reports (PCRs) to the PDG for use in revision development.
  5. Coordinate with related Conference Forums, related PDGs, related PSGs, and related SGs. 
  6. Identify and create Product Nominations for additional parts or supplements.
  7. Conduct periodic review and evaluation of the supported products.  Prepare recommendations for reaffirmation, revision, or withdrawal.
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Paul Gustavson

Vice Chair:

Bob Lutz


Jane Bachman

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Kathy Ruben