Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) PSG

The purpose of CIGI is to provide interoperability across real-time Image Generator (IG) and Host computational system providers by using a common method of communications. The product will provide a common  communications protocol that will enable each disparate visualization tool to quickly interface with other subsystems by providing a set of commonly used subsystem-to-subsystem interactions. The product will also provide for vendor specific communications when there is no commonly available communication mechanism. The product can be used for any visual situational awareness activity be it a real-time Out-The-Window or sensor simulation, a briefing or debriefing station, an instructor operator station, a Scenario planning tool, etc. 

The CIGI Product Support Group (PSG) was set up in September 2014. Its purpose is to provide support for users of CIGI, including a discussion board and help for any issues using the standard, along with a means by which CIGI vendors can obtain unique vendor identity references for extension packets.

The CIGI PSG is also the place to submit problem and change requests (PCRs) which is the approved method of getting changes or new additions into the future standard.

The CIGI PSG is working in two streams, 1) to gather PCRs together with a view to forming a Product Development Group for CIGI 4.1 and 2) through the CIGInext study group to produce a product nomination for the next version of CIGI (V5).

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Jordan Dauble
SimBlocks LLC

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Curtis Schroeder
Draper Labs


Bradley Smull
The Boeing Company

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