DIS/RPR FOM Product Support Group

The Distributed Interactive Simulation / Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (DIS / RPR FOM) Product Support Group (PSG) is a permanent support group chartered by the SISO Standards Activity Committee to support multiple DIS-related products including:

  • IEEE Std 1278.1™-2012, IEEE Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Application Protocols (a revision of IEEE Std 1278.1™-1995 and IEEE Std 1278.1a™-1998)
  • IEEE Std 1278.2™-2015, IEEE Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) - Communication Services and Profiles (a revision of IEEE Std 1278.2™-1995)
  • IEEE Std 1278.4™-1997, IEEE Recommended Practice for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Verification, Validation, and Accreditation
  • SISO-STD-001-2015, Standard for Guidance, Rationale, and Interoperability Modalities (GRIM) for the Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM), Version 2.0
  • SISO-STD-001.1-2015, Standard for Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM), Version 2.0

The PSG supports the distributed simulation community by acting as a forum and library for DIS-related information; providing technical support to users and developers by answering questions; providing contact information for experts in different areas; and maintaining a library of distributed simulation documentation.

The PSG is also the place where Problem Reports / Change Requests (PCRs) can be submitted, or commented on, for any of the supported standards.  The PSG also maintains the individual PCRs as well as PCR Status Reports that are available for download.

The PSG also may publish, maintain, and update related SISO Reference Products that are helpful to users and developers including

  • SISO-REF-020: DIS Plain and Simple (in work) 
  • SISO-REF-030: DIS Extensions (proposed)

When a Product Development Group is formed to develop or revise a Standard, the PSG will coordinate closely with that group.  Additionally, the PSG will coordinate closely with the SAC Special Working Group  (SAC SWG Enumerations) responsible for SISO-REF-010-2015, Reference for Enumerations for Simulation Interoperability, and participate in enumeration discussions (SAC-SWG-ENUM).  The PSG also will participate in other discussions to ensure that the entire distributed simulation community is kept appraised of DIS-related developments.  Cross-coordination is essential to keep users and developers of DIS-related products informed.

The PSG completed a review of PCRs from earlier versions of IEEE Std 1278.1TM and formed Tiger Teams to complete the analysis and develop the revisions for these PCRs.  The PSG will vote to approve the PCRs, and at an appropriate time, will submit a SISO Product Nomination and an IEEE Project Authorization Request to revise the Standard.

In parallel, the PSG will be forming Tiger Teams to begin the effort to scope and plan a revision of the RPR FOM products to realize RPR FOM Version 3.



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Mark McCall

Vice Chairs:

DIS Vice Chair:
Bob Murray


RPR FOM Vice Chair:
Björn Möller

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John Hughes