DSEEP/DMAO PSG - Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process

The Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP) is a generalized systems engineering process for building and executing distributed simulation applications. It incorporates fundamental concepts from existing process models within the HLA, DIS, and TENA communities, and reflects a broad consensus as to the key activities and tasks needed to build distributed simulation environments. The DSEEP is designed as a high-level process framework into which the lower-level systems engineering practices native to any distributed simulation user can be easily integrated. The DSEEP was approved as an IEEE Recommended Practice (IEEE 1730) in January 2011. 

This PSG was established to maintain the DSEEP standard. This includes providing a forum  for users to share their practical experiences with the DSEEP on their programs, and to provide feedback on the correctness and consistency of the process description. The PSG also provides a forum for users to identify potential changes to the DSEEP, which will be maintained for consideration at future DSEEP revision cycles. 

Note: You will not see the SAC-PSG-DSEEP-PVT Discussion Group or Private DSEEP PSG File Library unless you register to become a member of the DSEEP PSG.  PSG registration is free but you must be a SISO member and you must submit affiliation data. Just send an email to the DSEEP PSG Chair, Bob Lutz at robert.lutz@jhuapl.edu, requesting to become a DSEEP PSG member. 

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Bob Lutz

Vice Chair (US):

Katherine Morse


Bob Lutz

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Kathy Ruben