SRFOM PSG - Space Reference Federation Object Model

SISO-STD-018-00-2020 is the SISO Balloted Standard Product for SISO Space Reference FOM, which requires long-term support.  The PSG operates as a focused task-organized group concentrating on the support of SISO-STD-018-00-2020 and related products.  The PSG provides that support in accordance with SISO-ADM-002 and SISO-ADM-003 (including future updates to those and other administrative products).

The PSG offers continuity and a place for users of the products to:
1.    ask questions concerning the language used in the product, the intention or result meant by a particular action;
2.    request an explanation of the reasons behind what the product says;
3.    seek support; and
4.    register change requests for subsequent versions of the product.

The PSG serves as the central point for interpretations of product language, providing help desk support, and accepting, developing, and maintaining problem/change reports to support future product revisions.  The PSG manages the process to collect, evaluate, and refine proposed changes to products.  The PSG may not change an approved product and shall not make interpretations that change the meaning of an approved product.

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Björn Möller
Pitch Technologies

Vice Chair:

Alfredo Garro
University of Calabria


Alberto Falcone
University of Calabria

Technical Activity Director (TAD):

Grant Bailey