About the CC

The SISO CC is the workshop management body of the organization. Its major areas of responsibility include:

  • Organizing and managing the Simulation Interoperability Workshops.
  • Promoting the standardization of interoperable simulations across the M&S community.
  • Supporting the SAC in the development of SISO products (Standards Products, Guidance Products, Reference Products, and Administrative Products) for various elements of the M&S community.
  • Identifying new and improved methods for supporting simulation interoperability and promulgating them throughout SISO.
  • Conducting educational activities regarding simulation interoperability and reuse across the broad-based M&S community.
  • Providing oversight of SISO Study Groups as directed by the EXCOM.
Officers of the CC

The CC elects from its membership a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary, each of whom serves a term of one year commencing at the end of the Fall SIW. CC officers are chosen within thirty days of election during each annual election cycle. Members eligible for office, and members eligible to vote, are those that will be on the CC for the coming year.

The CC Chair oversees the CC as it establishes Conference Forums (CFs) for the Simulation Interoperability Workshops (SIWs) and related conferences. He reports to, and serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee (EXCOM).The CC Chair also coordinates overall planning for each workshop and chairs the plenary session and wrap-up session of each Conference.

The Vice Chair serves as an ex-officio member of the SAC in order to ensure proper communication between the CC and the SAC. Furthermore, the Vice Chair coordinates with the Support Staff and CF PRP Chairs to execute Conference activities. The Vice Chair is also responsible for conducting meetings when the Chair is unable to attend or must excuse him/herself from Chair activities.

Finally, the Secretary is responsible for documenting the CC activities. This includes publication of meeting minutes, preparation of CC correspondence, and follow-up of major points brought forward by CFs.

The members of the CC are elected by eligible voters of SISO. Members of the CC shall maintain membership in SISO through the entire term of their membership on the CC. There are 11 elected members of the CC, 10 elected at-large, plus the elected Vice Chair of the SAC. The Chair of the CC may, with the approval of the other elected CC members, appoint up to two additional SISO members, should such appointment be considered in the best interest of SISO. Both elected and appointed members of the CC are voting members. The ten at-large members are elected to two-year staggered terms, with approximately one-half of these terms expiring each year.
The CC is responsible for planning and managing the Simulation Interoperability Workshops and related conference activities. Those activities include: inviting speakers, implementers, and product vendors; approving demonstrations and vendor booths; developing a SISO education program; and issuing a call for papers based on the current SISO vision document, current community priorities, and unresolved M&S interoperability issues, including potential SISO products. The CC directs the overall planning, preparation, publicity, paper selection, registration, scheduling, presentation, and follow-up process for each workshop.

The CC is also responsible for establishing new Conference Forums (given evidence of the necessary level of community interest), for monitoring and reviewing Forum activities during and between workshops, and for determining which Forums will be continued for each subsequent workshop. Proposed changes are discussed on e-mail reflectors associated with the affected Forums. Whenever a new Forum is created, the CC circulates a call for volunteers and appoints an initial PRP from among these volunteers. The CC is responsible for exercising authority over Conference Forum PRPs and for dissolving such PRPs when appropriate.  The CC may organize the CFs into Tracks in order to facilitate Workshop organization and minimize scheduling conflicts. The CC may also create temporary “joint Forums” or “special Forums” to address urgent or late-breaking issues that do not fit clearly into the scope of the existing Forums. The CC allocates meeting rooms and time blocks to Forums and will establish a tentative schedule as part of its initial plan for each workshop, and then adjust this schedule as necessary after the final papers and presentations have been selected.

The CC may provide input to the SAC regarding Product Nominations, selection of appropriate individuals from constituent communities to serve on PDGs as drafters and assigned reviewers, and presentation of reports from the PDGs to relevant Forums to solicit feedback as standards products are developed. Each CC member oversees one or more Forums or other Conference activities, as determined by the CC.

The CC may identify and nominate to the EXCOM any member of SISO in recognition of specific or continuing service to the activities and groups under the purview of the CC.