Upcoming Seminars
SISO Seminar at ITEC 2017
15 May 2017

Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Past ITEC SISO Seminars
2016 2015 2014
SISO Seminar at ITEC 2016
16 May 2016
ExCeL, London

SISO Seminar at ITEC 2015
27 April 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

SISO Seminar at ITEC 2014
19 May 2014
Cologne Messe, Germany

2013 2012  
SISO Seminar at ITEC 2013
21 May 2013
Fiera di Roma, Rome, Italy

SISO Seminar at ITEC 2012
23 April 2012
London, England