2008 Euro SIW

 Simulation Interoperability StandardsOrganizations(SISO)
The Society for Modeling and Simulation

Edinburg, Scotland
June 16-19, 2008

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 2008 Euro"SIWzie" Awarded Papers

Below is the list of those papers that have been selected to receive a 2008 Euro "SIWzie" Award. The papers are listed in descending order of consensus among the judges. 
Equally ranked papers are listed in numerical order.


Development of a Live-Virtual-Constructive Common Data Model and Development Roadmap
John Tufarolo, Raytheon-VTC
Harry Sotomayor, US Army PEO-STRI
Paul Perkinson, Raytheon-VTC
Lowell Baker, US Army PEO-STRI
08E-SIW-071 Medical Simulation and Training - Breakthroughs and Barriers
Gene Wiehagen, US Army Medical Research Materiel Command
08E-SIW-028 Simulation-C2 Interoperability through Data Mediation: the Virtual Command and Control Interface
Don MacQuarrie, Canadian Department of National Defence
Captain Scott Reid, SimFront Corporation
Chris Taff, Canadian Department of National Defence
Raj Hans, SimFront Corporation
Ben Asselstine,  SimFront Corporation