2008 Euro SIW Call For Papers
Incorporating the SISO 2008 European Simulation Interoperability Workshop (2008 Euro-SIW) and the SCS 2008 Summer Simulation Multiconference (SummerSim '08).

Multiple parallel sessions are planned. Papers may be submitted to either SISO or SCS, and will be evaluated separately for the respective sessions. Conference registrants may attend any sessions organized by either of the sponsoring organizations. For further information, see http://www.sisostds.org and http://www.scs.org.

2008 Theme: Use of M&S in Command and Control Systems
The use of simulation for military training and prognostic analysis is well established. There are also a critical operational needs.  During real-world military missions, the ability to predict the actions of friendly forces is critical. The ability to run simulations to support decision-making techniques such as "what if" analysis and analysis of alternatives is a key capability.

 There is a critical need for interoperability between simulation environments and actual C2 Systems. To guarantee flexible simulations, the M&S infrastructure must be at least flexible and agile as the GIG in connecting and decoupling systems.

About Edinburgh
With its stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture, and winding medieval streets, it's easy to see why Edinburgh has been listed as a World Heritage Site. The setting is captivating. Edinburgh Castle dominates the urban skyline, perched atop the crags of an ancient volcano right in the center of the city.

Yet Edinburgh is not stuck in the past. Neither is it all about bagpipes, shortbread, whisky, and tartan. In fact, the city is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in Europe and is regularly voted as one of the most desirable places to live in the world.

The capital of Scotland is bustling, with arts, culture, sports and attractions and is famous for playing host to the world's largest arts festival. After dark, Edinburgh has a lively nightlife with stylish bars and pubs, restaurants, clubs, and live entertainment
to rival any European city.

The Multi-Conference will be held at Edinburgh First, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, in the William Robertson Building and the David Hume Tower. See
http://www.edinburghfirst.com -- and be sure to click on "links" at the top for maps and detailed information about Edinburgh.

The registration fee includes coffee and tea breaks. Breakfast is generally included in the hotel rates.  A Monday evening reception is also included for registrants, with
registrants' guests invited at an additional optional charge.

Registration information is posted on both the SISO and SCS web sites. Registration is being handled by the IEEE Conference Management Services. Links to the on-line
registration system are available from either site. International credit card payments will be accepted.

Each registrant is responsible for making his/her own hotel reservations. There is no "official" conference hotel. Use the Official Tourist Board link at http://www.edinburgh.org to locate nearby hotels. Note especially the "Accommodations" link on the Edinburgh First site at http://www.edinburghfirst.com. The Salisbury Green hotel and the Kenneth Mackenzie Suite are both quite near the conference facilities and are reasonably priced.

Tutorials will be offered on Monday morning. Watch the Euro-SIW web page for details.

Exhibit tables will be available.  If you or your organization would like to set up an exhibit, see the contact information on the Euro-SIW web page.

The Workshop invites papers and presentations relating to distributed simulation applications and technologies, interoperability issues and special topics, as summarized below. Abstracts will be reviewed and selected for consideration by the Program Committee. An "Author's Guide" is posted on the Euro-SIW web page.

For planning purposes, expected deadlines are:

08 Feb 08 Abstracts due electronically
21 Feb 08 Abstract accept/reject notifications
09 Apr 08 Papers due electronically
21 Apr 08 Early registration deadline
02 May 08 Paper accept/reject notifications
18 May 08 Final paper revisions due
04 Jun 08 Final presentations due 
16 Jun 08 2008 Euro-SIW opens

Generally, papers and presentations are considered in three main categories:

** User Community Forums, which examine and promote topics of interest related to the use and adequacy of available simulation capabilities and new capabilities needed by M&S users.

** Specialty Area Forums, which examine and promote current and emerging simulation processes and technology.

** Special Sessions, which deal with topics that merit timely solicitation of feedback from the SISO community.

For a detailed list of the Forums, Study Groups, and Product Development Groups meeting at this workshop, and their specific interest areas, see http://www.sisostds.org