2009 Euro SIW

 Simulation Interoperability StandardsOrganizations(SISO)
The Society for Modeling and Simulation(SCS)
International European Multi Conference

Grand Cevahir Hotel/Convention Center
Istanbul, Turkey
July 13-16, 2009

Conference Theme: Contingency Planning and Crisis Management
The SISO sessions will include models and simulations used in planning for civil security problems ranging from natural disasters (fire, flood, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.) to deliberate hostile actions, as well as general safety and contingency planning and operations. The primary focus will be on cooperation among national and international civilian, military, and non-governmental agencies, including scenario generation, command and control interoperability, and simulation reusability.

The conference will include invited speakers, quality refereed papers, timely topical workshops, joint plenary sessions, consolidated registration, and access for registrants to all Multi-conference activities hosted at the Grand Cevahir Hotel and Convention Center in Istanbul, Turkey. 

From this Conference...

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