2011 EURO/SCS Call for Papers

 2011 Euro Simulation Interoperability Workshop

sponsored by the

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)
a component of the 2011 International Simulation Multi-conference

sponsored by

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)

The Hague - Netherlands
27-30 June 2011

Click the "2011 Euro/SCS Workshop" link under "Upcoming Events" on the main SISO web page. More detailed information will be added to this page periodically.

 SISO's Simulation Interoperability Workshops (SIWs) encompass a broad range of modeling and simulation issues, applications, and communities, with the overall goal of identifying and supporting the development of products to facilitate simulation interoperability standards and reuse.  Each SIW includes working sessions addressing interoperability and reuse requirements and issues; tutorials on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, and techniques; and exhibits presenting the latest technological advances.

 Please note that registrations for this workshop are being handled by SCS.  Conference registrations will be managed via their on-line registration web page at http://www.scs.org/summersim/2011 . Abstract and paper evaluations and acceptances will be managed by SISO via our usual process, as described below.

01 Mar 11 -- Abstracts due in electronic form
17 Mar 11 -- Abstract accept/reject notifications
25 Apr 11 -- Papers due in electronic form
10 May 11 -- Paper accept/reject notifications
16 May 11 -- Early registration deadline
24 May 11 -- Final paper revisions due
01 Jun 11 -- PowerPoint presentations due
27 Jun 11 -- International Simulation Multi-conference opens

The Workshop invites papers and presentations relating to distributed simulation standards, applications, and technologies, interoperability issues, and other topics identified below and on the SISO web site.  Abstracts are reviewed and selected by Planning and Review Panels (PRPs) and leaders of the individual Forums and Groups.  Papers are considered for presentation in one or more Forums and Groups.  Abstract and paper format requirements are described in the Author's Guide posted on the SISO web site.

Individuals who wish to participate should complete and submit an abstract, using the submission form provided on the SISO web site. If you have any problems or are unable to submit to the web site, please contact SISO Support <siso-help@sisostds.org>, phone: +1-407-882-1378, fax: +1-407-658-5059.

SISO sessions will include models and simulations used in planning for civil security problems ranging from natural disasters (fire, flood, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.) to deliberate hostile actions, as well as general safety and contingency planning and operations.  A primary focus will be on cooperation among national and international civilian, military, and non-governmental agencies, including scenario generation, command and control interoperability, and simulation reusability.

SISO invites papers that report the results of experiences with SISO-developed standards and guidelines.  We are looking for feedback (positive or negative) on the utility of our products.  If the author(s) indicate in both the abstract and in the completed paper that they are submitting a "SISO Standards Experiences" paper, these papers will be highlighted in a listing in the SIW Workshop Agenda.

Generally, papers and presentations are considered in three main categories: 

  • User Community Forums, which examine and promote topics of interest related to the use and adequacy of available simulation capabilities and new capabilities needed by M&S users.
  • Specialty Area Forums, which examine and promote current and emerging simulation processes and technology.
  • Special Sessions, which deal with topics that merit timely solicitation of feedback from the SISO community.

For a list of the Tracks and Forums, Study Groups, and Product Development Groups meeting at this workshop, and their specific interest areas, see the corresponding links at 2011 EURO SCS Workshop Information.

Special sponsorship opportunities for the 2011 International Simulation Multi-Conference are described on the SCS website under the "SummerSim'11 Corporate Sponsorship" link.  Contact DJ Weed <djweed@scs.org> for further information.

The Workshop will be held at the World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands.  See the SCS registration web page for further information.   The Novotel den Haag World Forum is located immediately adjacent to the World Forum Conference Center.  The rates at this hotel are fairly reasonable, but there are less expensive hotels located further away.   See
http://www.hotels-n-europe.com/convention/the-hague-congress.html or http://www.booking.com  Netherlands > den Haag > Hotels near World Forum Convention Center for additional choices.  http://www.worldforum.nl/wfcc/en/profiel_uk/hagueworldforum_uk.html shows a diagram of the area near the conference facility.

Please note that the early registration deadline is 16 May 2011. 

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